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Square Dancing for Fun - Fitness - Friendship

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Beginners Dances
Thursdays from mid-SEP through late-JUN

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Starting Feb 13 or 27 2020. red rule

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Class Level Dances and Plus Level Workshops

Thursdays - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Mid-SEP thru late-JAN
Join a Beginners Class on Feb 13 or 27 2020. 

Scott Hall, 24 Vernon Street, Framingham, MA 01701

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The Fairs 'n Squares Square Dance Club holds classes for beginners on most Thursday nights from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM in Framingham, MA. A Plus Level class/workshop will be available for higher level dancers each Thursday evening (9:00 PM to 9:30 PM).

If you miss the start up dates, contact us to find out about the next best time to start dancing. Come down to Scott Hall almost any Thursday night (Mid September through late June) to see the fun in person.


Circle left - Swing your partner - Promenade

You already know plenty of square dance calls. You will be learning more each evening. Our class caller/teacher has taught hundreds of us to square dance.

We welcome couples, families, and singles. We recommend (but don't require) that you bring a partner to dance with. We encourage you to bring your friends along as well. We suggest comfortable footwear for all and skirts or slacks (jeans) for the ladies.

We dance at Scott Hall, Framingham, MA

All our classes are held in Scott Hall which is associated with the Unitarian Universalist First Parish Church at 24 Vernon Street - This is located on the west side of Edgell Road, approximately one quarter mile north of Route 9 in Framingham Center.

See our Map page for directions.

If you would like more information, contact us at dance@fairsnsquares.com. We will respond to your questions promptly. For a faster response, Call 508 - 655 - 0310.


Square Dance Lessons

This is your opportunity to discover the fun of square dancing. If you agree that square dancing is for you, we will teach you the BASIC level of square dancing, in a two hour class on Thursday evenings.

You can join us at one of the FREE Winter Introductory Basic/Mainstream level lessons on Thursday, Feb 06, 13, 27 2020. This class continues with Mainstream/Plus lessons in the Winter session from early February through mid April. If there is sufficient interest, additional instruction will continue thru April and into the summer. Beginner Square Dance classes are on most Thursdays during the season and usually run 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

The Fairs 'n Squares subsidizes classes for beginners in order to expand the square dancing community and to share our enjoyment with others. The small fee charged helps to defray a portion of our costs for the dance hall and the dance instructor. The more people dancing, the more fun it is for all involved. Many of our experienced club members will join you in the class to provide additional support and encouragement.

Square Dancing - a World Wide activity

Each dance starts with four couples arranged on each side of a square. The caller directs the movement of the dancers by calling out the name of the next dance step to be performed: Dosido, Swing your partner, circle left, Promenade. Square dancers learn the movements associated with each of the 'calls'.

We offer Class Level Dances so that you can learn and practice  these movements. In addition to dancing at every session, you will also be learning more square dance calls and movements. The fun starts with the first class that you attend.


Register now

Reserve a spot in our next class! Call 508 - 655- 0310 and leave your name and contact information.

Come and Join the Fun

Our Square Dance classes are intended for teaching adults to dance. Teenagers are also welcome. Younger children are welcome to learn square dancing while accompanied a responsible adult. In all cases, the learning experience will be better if you have a regular dance partner to practice with.

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The Fairs 'n Squares now offers hearing assist equipment for use at classes and dances. This equipment helps those with hearing problems to hear our caller more clearly and decreases the impact of other noise in the room. We have several ear pieces available for your use.

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