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Applications are accepted through March 17, 2018.

Eligible high school students can apply for this scholarship by any of several methods:

  1. Obtain an application from the appropriate official in your school (typically at the office of your guidance councilor). Fill in the requested information and mail it.
  2. Download an application form. Fill in the requested information and mail it. The form is available in these formats:
    • PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)
    • DOC  (Microsoft Word Format)
    • RTF  (Rich Text Format)
  3. Submit application information using the online form below.

Completed hard copies of the form may be mailed to:

    Scholarship Selection Committee
    Fairs 'n Squares SDC
    PO Box 177
    Framingham, MA 01704-0177

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  •  Fill in each of the required and optional fields in the form below.
  •  Collect all the information needed for this form before starting your data entry.
  •  We recommend that you compose your essay in separate text file for copying into this form. 
  •  Required fields are marked with an "*". The form will warn you if any required fields are blank.
  •  You must fully complete this form before hitting the "SUBMIT" button. There is no option to save a partially completed form for later completion.
  •  A parent should fill in the last section (Acknowledgement and Submission)
  •  When the form is complete, click on the SUBMIT button.
  •  Your browser will display an acknowledgement message if the form has been successfully submitted to us.


Application Information New Revised
Today's date:

Scholar Identification Enter student name:
  First Name:    Middle Name or Initial:   *Last Name:
Enter home address:

Enter student date of birth:

Enter a 10 digit phone number and optional extension (Example: 508-555-1234 ext. 5678) where you can be reached.  You may also enter an alternate. Enter an e-mail where you can be reached.  You may also enter an alternate.

High School Identification Select the name of the Framingham high school the student is attending, or indicate if home schooled, or indicate if attending another school that is not in the selection list. If you selected Other School, then identify the school name and town where the student is being educated. If you selected Home Schooled, then identify who is educating the student and the address of the principle place where the education occurs: What is the name of the student's counselor?

Student Finances

College PlansList colleges the student is applying to and would attend if accepted. For each, indicate if the student was accepted, rejected, or if a response is pending [Example: Framingham State University, Framingham, MA. Pending.]:

Name the school or college you plan to attend:

List one or more degrees you are considering pursuing:

Why should we select you? *Please provide a 200 to 400 word essay, written by the student, to indicate why you wish to be considered for this scholarship. If you worked part-time after school hours or during the summer, indicate what type of work you performed. Describe any volunteer work or any community service in which you were involved.  Describe any school activities in which you have been involved. Provide any other pertinent information you would like the FnS Scholarship Committee to consider such as: large medical bills, more than one child in college at any one time, etc.

Parent Information

Optional Comments If you have any other comments, enter them here.

Acknowledgement and Submission The parent must acknowledge the following and submit the form:

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